Monday, January 9, 2012

What is SEO?

Many times, Google Pandey comes across entrepreneurs who are not very sure of the term ‘SEO’. Therefore, it is important for a business owner to understand the term properly before including this methodology into internet marketing strategy.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization wherein websites are optimized as per search engine guidelines to improve their rankings by using specific keywords. The process seems to be complex for amateurs but SEO experts make it simple and effective for a business.

When a business owner takes guidance of an expert, they automatically enhance their potential to attain benefits from SEO strategy. However, every website requires a unique strategy that identifies the areas that need to be worked on the priority basis.

Google Pandey has explained the whole complex process of SEO in a simplest form given below:

1. Initial Consultation: It is essential to undertake SEO consultation to identify improvement areas for designing an effective yet affordable SEO strategy after assessing the business needs.

2. Keywords Selection: Planning out a list of specific keywords that can help in improving rankings to appear in front of prospective buyers.

3. On-Page Optimization Services: It involves optimizing content, adding keyword-rich content, image optimization, Meta tags, title tags, heading tags etc.

4. Off-Page Optimization Services: It involves RSS feeds, blogs, bookmarking, directory submissions, article syndication, press release distribution, social media sites etc.

5. SEO Monitoring: Any SEO strategy can only become successful when performance is thoroughly monitored on the search engines. If the SEO strategy is not yielding good results, the weaknesses can be identified and ruled out.

6. SEO Reports: Monthly SEO reports will be prepared to compare the previous performance with the current position on the major search engines.

An effective SEO strategy guarantees you to achieve your business goals successfully. For further queries, get in touch with Google Pandey today for initial SEO consultation and choose the SEO plan that suits your needs and pocket.

An effective SEO strategy guarantees you to achieve your business goals successfully. For further queries, get in touch with Google Pandey today for initial SEO consultation and choose the SEO plan that suits your needs and pocket.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

100% Online Business with Google Pandey or else Money Back

Earning higher revenue is the primary motive of every entrepreneur running business online. The online platform is a very powerful medium to reach wider audience but at the same time, it is a tricky game. Therefore, maintaining online reputation, achieving sustainability in search engine rankings and higher visibility can only be attained by taking SEO services.

The main emphasis is on SEO services is because SEO experts understand the ever-changing process of algorithms and prepare your website to deal with such changes and search engine updates. And if the SEO expert is Google Pandey, nothing can go wrong with your online business.

With Google Pandey, you can assure of 100% return from your investment on online business or else get your money back with all due respect. Google Pandey understands the value of money and how hard it is for small businesses to invest on new services. Therefore, he has designed an effective SEO strategy by combining well-proven strategies along with new strategies that work best with the present scenario.

Even if you want to have a strong presence on social platforms, this will also be possible with Google Pandey. The only condition will be to explain your requirements in detail so that Google Pandey can start working on it.

Whether you want to have strong online presence, looking for higher sales opportunities or sustain reputation in the online industry, you only need to get in touch with Google Pandey and specify your requirements in detail.

Friday, December 30, 2011

Conversion Optimization with Google Pandey

Higher traffic towards your website doesn’t guarantee you higher leads. The reason is because they might be landing on to your website by a specific reason but they might return back due to unavailability of desired information. In such cases, a website might have higher number of visitors but will also have a higher bounce rate. Therefore, it is important to optimize the conversion rate of the website. Conversion Optimization is a way through which the percentage of visitors is converted into your potential customers. Get your conversion optimization with Google Pandey!

Google Pandey has come up with fantastic conversion optimization techniques that can help a visitor to turn into a potential lead for the company. He is an SEO expert who understands the importance of using on-page optimization elements to make the site search-engine friendly. Therefore, he provides assistance in making the web-pages relevant for the visitors so as to engage them for a longer time.

He improves calls-to-action of every landing page so as to incite the first-time visitor to become your next customer. Some of the conversion optimization activities are as under:

1. Evaluating the source of traffic on each web-page of the website.

2. Preparing landing page of each product and service to help visitors land on the page they were looking for.

3. Preparing a quality copy that can provide relevant information to the visitors to engage them for a longer time.

4. Matching calls-to-action with the intent of the visitors so that they can take a positive action/decision.

5. Helping them navigate to a place where they can place their orders or ask for more information

6. Reducing the number of visual distractions to decrease the bounce rate

7. Adding suitable elements to the landing page to help in creating trust with the visitors.

If you are also worried about higher bounce rate, then its right time to consult Google Pandey for Conversion Optimization of your website. Take his assistance and increase your business potential online!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Promote your Business with SEO Techniques Proposed by Google Pandey

While you can find out many SEO experts on the web who are providing affordable SEO services to help you to rank higher on search engines, you need an SEO expert that has relevant experience irrespective of the location and prices.

Although, the cost factor needs to be given importance while planning different business strategies, but affordable services always do not yield good results. That’s why; Google Pandey has been providing SEO services that are not only affordable but also helping businesses to earn more from online customers. The whole idea is to help your website rank higher so that it can target more visitors online.

If you are trying to find out the secret behind his success in the SEO industry, then the answer is his dedication, hard work and experience that he has attained while serving the clients in the industry. He uses the proven SEO techniques that help to enhance the websites’ ranking on the search engines. Many SEO experts want to attain what Google Pandey has attained over the years.

You, as an entrepreneur, can not wait for an SEO expert to become as capable as Google Pandey is. If you also want to enhance your web presence, you can consult with Google Pandey who will provide solutions only after analyzing your business in detail.

You can place your queries here to contact Google Pandey for his initial SEO consultation! Contact Here!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Consult with Google Pandey for Higher Rankings on Search engines

With the rise in competition over the web to secure top positions on the search engines, it has become essential for companies to establish a good reputation in their specific sectors. To be able to secure higher rankings, many companies have actually realized the importance of SEO for their business.

SEO stands for search engine optimization that helps a website to appear on top of search engines. Various SEO experts have been working efficiently to help companies to appear on top of search engines. However, only a successful SEO strategy can help to make your efforts successful.

While understanding the importance of effective SEO strategy, Google Pandey, an SEO expert has helped various businesses to establish a reputable image in the industry. He understands that no two businesses are alike; therefore, a unique yet effective SEO strategy is all required by all the companies.

He has been working in SEO field from the last 12 years and has handled various clients irrespective of their competitive keywords and specific sectors. The hard work and dedication of Search Expert Google Pandey has helped him to achieve this unique name that is still the first preference of its clients.

This is a remarkable achievement which deserves our appreciation. If you are new in your business or are not able to see potential returns, you can consult with Search star Google Pandey to find out the right and effective SEO strategy that can give a boost to your business. Contact Here!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Google Pandey

I am Sandeep Kumar Pandey based in Gonda (U.P).I am working in SEO field since 12 years and I have handled not less than 1000+ SEO clients.

When I started my career in SEO, very few people knew about it. I had started with domestic level company and used to have very low competitive keywords. I used to take SEO work and used to provide page ranking in 15 to 20 days time.

No one had trust on my work and they always used to enquire if I have any contacts with employees working in Google that can help me in providing quick rankings on search engines. My explanation used to be the same that I don’t know anyone in Google but they still had no faith in me.

Why my client begins to call me Google Pandey? Let me explain!

There is a client, JK Industry that asked me to help them rank good position on Google. They were maintaining a good ranking on Yahoo and Bing but were not able to rank on Google. They hired me to make this impossible task possible and they find it difficult to believe that I managed to bring their website on number one position on Google in two days. This result made them very happy and they started to believe in my capabilities and named me as Google Pandey.

I have worked with not less than 20 to 25 companies in NCR and they may don’t remember my real name that is Sandeep Pandey but they know me very well as Google Pandey.

I am really working hard to maintain this name and to provide best results for my clients.